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Sandholes Road (2011)

3rd August 2011 | Exhibitions, Film

Sandholes Road documents a 2.5km stretch of a typical country lane on the outskirts of Braidwood in the southern tablelands of NSW where I now live. It was conceived as a set of about a dozen photographs conveying the character of the road and its surroundings and contains images of trees, sky, grasses and, of course, the road itself. In fact, the ordinariness of the subject is the point. This landscape is quintessential and timeless and deserves to be seen for its classical beauty. I was influenced and emboldened by the work of the American photographer Robert Adams in this undertaking.

The twelve images selected for Sandholes Road were photographed over a period from 2009 through 2011. All were shot on film using a fixed lens medium format rangefinder and printed digitally as monochrome to a warm-toned baryta paper. The scanning, editing and printing was done by Macquarie Editions.

Sandholes Road is showing at Studio Altenburg from Friday 19th August through 11th September.